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Solidarity is for NinjaCate, Not Miley Cyrus

Once upon a time, there was a "male feminist." He wasn't a real male feminist; he was actually a misogynist, "reformed" abusive spouse, and attempted murderer diagnosed with mental health issues that involve extreme levels of manipulation as well as extreme attention seeking behavior and lack of will to be held accountable. He declared himself "cured" and stopped treatment. He conned his way into job teaching gender studies despite a lack of qualifications. He used that job as qualification to get coverage on the internet as a "leading male feminist voice." Several online feminist news sites bought his schtick and hired him to write articles for them.

The articles were... well... problematic at best. Many of the users of these sites read them and thought that they were manipulative in the same way that abusers manipulate people. Every article that he posted, the readers pointed out the flaws, the problematic content, the veiled derision, the subtle misogyny. The editors of said websites deleted these comments and banned users who were particularly convincing at pointing out the problem.

Many of these users were pointing out racial problems in his writing. Women of color were pushed out of the conversation. He began attacking black feminist writers who called him on the problems in his work and the feminist publications that he was writing for carried on as though nothing was wrong, banning black feminists, banning people who said that while change is possible, he had not changed.

Eventually, his posts at feminist publications dropped off and he moved towards the Men's Rights Movement, which in the US, is largely a misogynist movement, pointing out real and false inequities regarding men and offering as solutions, the subjugation women. The feminist press carried on, still not admitting the error of their ways.

Then his wife found out that he was cheating on her with someone that he (falsele?) claimed is a porn star. There were text messages and nude photos. He was having affairs with several women as well. She left and took the kids with her. He had a breakdown and he blamed the feminists. You see, the problem wasn't that he had destroyed yet another marriage; the problem was that feminists were mean to him.

He gave interview after interview saying that he was quitting the internet and not giving any more interviews. In one of them, he made a veiled suicide threat. Hours later he gave a phone interview with a newspaper claiming to have attempted suicide and to be calling the press from his 5150 hold. Then, in a proclaimed manic episode, he tweeted that he'd been a fraud all along, that he was a manipulator, that his reformation story had been a lie, that his articles weren't feminist at all, and that the women who called him on it were right. He apologized explicitly to several black feminists who he had tried to silence for calling him on that fraud, admitting that they had been right.

Jezebel.com and its editor had an opportunity. As an unrepentant primary offender in the feminist press, as a site that repeatedly banned commenters for pointing out the flaws in this authors work, they could have apologized. They could have said that they were wrong and had treated women of color poorly, banning them for being right. Instead, after days of silence, the editor posted a "woe is me, I was a victim of this fraud and God I'm so depressed. What about me?" piece.

Thus the twitter hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen was born.

Illustration for article titled Solidarity is for NinjaCate, Not Miley Cyrus

But deep in the bowels of Jezebel was a user forum, Groupthink, where the good commenters went to write articles and discuss issues. Sometimes, the articles would be promoted to Jezebel.com. And in this forum was NinjaCate. She chronicled Solidarity is for White Women for us, aggregating voices and commenting on related Jezebel articles only to get her comments deleted. She posted the deleted comments to this forum and we went back to Jezebel.com asking where NinjaCate's comments had gone, why they had been removed. These comments, despite containing the content of NinjaCate's comment, stayed up. The problem wasn't just the content; the problem was that NinjaCate continued to cover the problem. She was a voice that needed to be silenced. We discussed when her account would get banned completely. Other members of the forum were banned from Jezebel for bringing it up on Twitter where Jezebel couldn't delete it— but Jezebel still promoted our work to the front page.

Deep in the bowels of Jezebel we continued, and when the Miley Cyrus issue came up, the race issues started being discussed immediately, ignored on Jezebel itself. When NinjaCate's aggregation post finally appeared, we hoped that it would be promoted to Jezebel, that NinjaCate would finally get Jezebel's refusal to address any race issues on Jezebel itself. And for a few minutes, it was there.

I have a suspicion which Jezebel writer promoted it and which person unpromoted it. It was fast. But the forum was on it and we shared that post far and wide. For those who have yet to read the post, it is linked on this post and will appear with a teaser. We commented that Gawker Media should hire NinjaCate to cover black feminism for Jezebel.com. Meanwhile on Jezebel, the authors, still under clear direction to not cover race, posted about how terrible it is that Miley Cyrus was being slut shamed, when we all know that this is how Disney girls have to act to break from the mold.

Because solidarity is for white women.

Overnight, the post went viral. As of an hour ago, it had half a million page hits and according to the owner of Gawker Media, it had more than 5 times the simultaneous readership of each other article on Gawker websites. The owner of Jezebel.com just trolled the editor of Jezebel.com for ignoring this issue, supporting NinjaCate. And because of how the forums system works, Gawker is getting hits but no ad revenue.

#solidarityisforninjacate and please excuse me while I go play whack-a-troll on her posts.


The Solidarity is for White Women Groupthink feed.

ETA: Removed diagnoses as misinformation, replaced with symptom details. Thanks to HermioneStranger and others who brought this up. Dismissing the thread to remove that information from comments.


ETA 2: Please refrain from discussing your theories on the responsible party for promoting the post to the main page and demoting the post again. Whoever did it was awesome and I don't want to get her in any additional trouble. I will be dismissing comments theorizing about this.

ETA 3: Kirov corrected that the reported "porn star" affair was promotional misinfo on the dude's part and that the other women with whom he was having an affair were not his current students. I must have misremembered that.


Note: this account was not designed to be anonymous. Don't think that discovering where I posted this under my real name is going to scare me. If that would scare me, I wouldn't have done it.

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