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Some Assembly Required

Edie Beale's post made me think about how I was raised with food.


Growing up we rarely if ever did anything from scratch. My mom didn't have a fantastic relationship with her mom and as such never really learned how to cook. My dad worked 80+ hours a week until I was in high school.

So I had a lot of hamburger helper, assorted one pot meals, pizza and frozen dinners growing up. My dad can and does make amazing pasta & sauce (though I think I've finally learned how to make better sauce), but growing up he was only home after 8 most nights.


Out of high school I could make the most basic of meals, but not much else. I was a bit of a failure in the kitchen.

After I started dating my wife I was awakened to a world of people who do things from scratch. One of the first meals she made for me was chilli. From scratch. It blew my mind. That wasn't a thing that people did in my world. She grew up on a little farm and was raised in a home where they make almost everything from scratch. She processes food, cans stuff, makes her own yogurt and a myriad of other things from scratch. If she can make it herself she prefers to make it herself. She's like a wonder to me.


She asked me to make pancakes one morning a few years back and I responded "I can't, we don't have bisquick." She still makes fun of me for that.

So I'm learning, but it's still kind of foreign to me.

(I do still love some hamburger helper though ;)

Are there people like me? Or are there more people on the "everything from scratch" bandwagon?

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