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At a local thrift shop (part of a chain) there is a man mid to late 20s who puts away books and dvds. He does not tag them just puts them on the shelf. He is also learning disabled. The tags are all different colors with a price tag.

I heard the manager (new I never saw her before and we go three to four times a week) tell him “did you take down all the pink books if you didn’t I’ll be mad”.

Pink books means books with pink tags. They often refer to items by tag color like blue shirts means shirts with blue tags.


I cringed with that last part. You never tell an employee especially one who may take it literally that you will get mad.

I stayed there but out of sight. If she did get mad I was going to step in.

When I heard this:

Manager: I found a pink book.

Employee: (Stammering and sounded scared) I am sorry I did not see it. It must have been hiding. I am sorry.

My heart went out for him. He was not responsible to make her not mad just to take down the books with the pink tags. (Note I have confused red tags with pink tags myself when one color is half off). Anyone working would have missed one.

The manager: That’s ok its one you did a good job. Let’s see if any more books are hiding. (She said last sentence jokingly like she was talking to a very young child.)


I was relieved she did not mad and I assume heard he was scared and stammering.

This should not have happened to start. She could have said “let’s go through the shelves just in case you missed some,  its possible you did anyone could have.”.


So if you are a boss don’t say “I’ll be mad”. I hope she regrets what she said after seeing him stammer and sound scared.

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