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Some days you're the statue...

Such a generally shitty day.

Epic metro break down in DC (those of you in the area know what I’m talking about). It’s been 12 hours and they haven’t fixed the problem. Epic commuting hell, and of course I had two other meetings to attend at various points across town.

Found out my mentor is moving to another continent. In my line of work, it happens, but it’s disappointing.


My acting director arbitrarily made a decision about a project I had put my heart and soul into, and then basically mocked the work I do (not the quality, but the subject matter) because he doesn’t understand it. My acting supervisor was apologetic but doesn’t have the skills or comprehension of what I do to change anything. If you know me, you know above all, I want things to be reasoned, rationale, and just, and this whole situation was none of the above.

Even though I fought for and solved a minor international crisis, no one particularly noticed or cared. What they did care about was another non-issue that I’m apparently supposed to realize my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss would be totally fine talking to a room of 10 people at a random breakfast the morning before he leaves the country for two weeks.

People who are in charge of specific information and subject matters don’t actually provide you with the information that is needed, so I’m forced to scrounge around and come up with something out of the blue...on scientific, extremely technical subjects. Which I completed, in stellar fashion. And, again, no word even of thanks.

A huge event that I had been waiting to confirm for over a year finally came through...in another state the day I am supposed to leave for my mother’s suprise birthday party, which I already have non-refundable tickets for. I’ll call them tomorrow to ask if they can switch the date, but the odds are 50/50, I figure.


Listen, I’m fine with working my ass off and not getting special attention or credit, for the most part. I believe in what I do, and I do think it serves the greater good. But it just galls me when basic respect isn’t reciprocated. If anything, I overthink proposals, try to solve all problems myself, and only involve higher-ups when absolutely necessary, and then I get screwed over by the system with no (or hypocritical) justification.

Well, one week until an extended vacation. I’m officially giving myself permission to phone it in until then. Apparently, it doesn’t matter...


Sorry for the rant, but I do feel better now........

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