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Some dude on Instagram is trying to tell me that The Birth of a Nation (a movie he loves!) is NOT a racist movie, it was a metaphor for not getting swept up in Nazism, and the KKK - you know, the heroes who save what’s-her-face at the end from being forced to marry the black Lt. Governor etc - were not supposed to be the good guys. It wasn’t racist despite the fact that my husband and I made a drinking game called “drink every time you see someone in blackface” and we had to stop because I would have probably died if we kept going for the entire, 201 minute movie, and the black characters were frequently shown as sexual predators.

I was like, “uh how can this movie be not showing them as heroes when it is based on a book written as part of a pro-KKK trilogy, the director literally says in the movie’s intro that the KKK was necessary to restore stability to the south after the civil war.”


He was like, “oh I didn’t know it was based on a book.”

It ended there, but now I’m mad because it didn’t even occur to me that IT WAS FILMED IN 1914, HOW WAS IT SATIRIZING NAZIS?

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