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A friend of mine managed to set me up for an interview in a law office. This was awesome of her as I desperately need a full time job. But from what I gather the law firm seems to specialize in going after people who are having trouble making payments to keep their homes. So... that's not great. I'm also completely unqualified for the job, which seems almost entirely math based, and I still have to count things using my fingers. I was basically looking at this as more of an opportunity to practice my interview skills.

But then I was woken up at 6 this morning by the sound of hail against my window. The streets near me haven't gotten plowed yet, making the proposition of my 20 minute walk to the subway even less appealing than usual, and I just checked the MTA website and found out that due to the weather my train is running on a delayed schedule. Oh, and due to a laundry mishap over the weekend, the only appropriate interview clothing I currently have is a completely seasonally inappropriate dress (they didn't ask me to come in until last night so there was no opportunity to buy a new outfit.)

If I ask to reschedule I'm sure it will ruin whatever minuscule chance I might have had, because it will make them think I won't reliably be able to make it into work, right? It's true I don't want this job, and don't think I'll get it, but I also can't turn down any chance to get myself full time work. On the other hand, I also don't want to go out in the snow and hail, for what is now probably going to be a 2 hour commute, for a job I'm almost certainly not going to get.

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