My horrible neighbor saga continues. As mentioned before, my parents live in a town house, adjacent to a piece of shit man-child who has subwoofers installed in his house and plays music/games/movies loud enough for us to hear it. My parents have been dealing with his bullshit for over a year now. We have our Home Owner’s Association involved, and they are on our side but can’t do much more than fine the guy but are working to do something more for us.

Anyway, shit went down the other night. I went to bed at 10:00-ish and woke up at 11:30 pm with cops in our house. My parents had called the cops on our neighbor because he had been playing his music or whatever loudly for over an hour. This is the 2nd time ever that they called cops on him within the year, so it’s not like we’re calling cops on him frequently.

So our 30-something-year-old neighbor’s house is owned by his parents who LIVE IN OUR neighborhood. So his parents found out about the cops being called and sent us and HOA an email about how we are harassing them, ignoring them when they try to talk (they’ve never reached out and have largely ignored this problem over the year), and they compared my mom to Meghan Kelly or some weird shit like that and said that she was abusive.

HOA got back to them and told them that since their son’s home is under their name, they will start to get fined. That lead to angry emails from the parents saying that we’re drunks, that we’re abusers, that we created holes in between oru walls to access their son’s home and steal hisa stuff, that their son isn’t complicit at all (which is un-fucking-true, there are so many reports we’ve given HOA about his noise, plus other neighbors have complained about how loud he is when he’s outside, flying drones, etc.—not to mention the police heard his noise the other night when they came to our house). Just really batshit crazy stuff.

I feel so bad for my parents. They were excited to move here last September, and from day 1, they’ve been stuck with this asshole, entitled neighbor of ours. To the point that my parents are really considering moving out of here and selling this house.


I hate privileged, stupid, entitled, selfish people. This guy sits at home all day NOT WORKING and is so fucking inconsiderate and has his parents pay for his house (mind you, I live in an area where housing is pretty damn expensive), and he has no fucking responsibilities other than like feeding himself and his poor dog. He’s such a piece of a shit. Not to mention, he married and divorced a woman like within 1 month, so he’s literally trashy as fuck.

I just needed to get this all out of my system.