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I haz foots problems and I need someone to fix them like now.

So I have flat feet. Like, really flat feet. I have no semblance of an arch. I've always had flat feet and up until recently, they haven't been too much of a problem. For the past year or so, they've started hurting more all the time, but it's not unbearable. Mostly just soreness if I'm on them for too long.

I also recently learned how to walk in heels! YAY! I'm still not a pro, but I'm definitely way better than I used to be. But, the problem is that the heels hurt my foots!


I wore my boots yesterday and they probably have about a 2" heel, so nothing too crazy. I was doing fine until about 5 pm (had them on since about 2 pm) when all of a sudden, my feet starting KILLING ME. And I don't mean some general soreness - no, I almost couldn't walk because the balls of my feet were in indescribable pain. I'm assuming this is due to my flat feet.

I JUST WANT TO WEAR HEELS. I'm obviously not about to wear them every single day, but I would like to wear them from time to time! Plus I really like the click-clack sound they make on hard floors. I'm not sure what to do. I asked my mom who also has flat feet, and she said I should get some kind of inserts to wear to help redistribute the weight on my feet.

Anyone else on here deal with this? Is this something I can remedy by like, training my feet to tolerate heels by wearing heels more?

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