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Some good stuff

There’s a lot of shit going on, so I’m sharing some good stuff in no particular order.... The Data for Black Lives conference (check out Data4BlackLives and #data4blacklives on Twitter) was on this past weekend. People involved have done a great job of communicating their scholarship for people who couldn’t get there via Twitter, sharing notes, and live streaming.


Some videos are up on Youtube

In other good stuff, Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner published a powerful statement regarding Trump’s new lows in using racism and genocidal references to target Elizabeth Warren. This is what a leader of the people sounds like:


On a completely different note, Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine is amazing!


And. . . a razor brand that is so mainstream it advertises on James Bond movies and Star Wars tie-in razors has decided that making a statement against toxic masculinity is a good/safe commercial move.

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