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Some inane updates and OT if ya want

1. My hair appointment went super well, I now have buttery platinum, almost-white hair with only one round of bleach and a blunt, slightly choppy lob!

2. My green grocer is super cute and we’ll smile at each other a lot. How do I make the moves. Do I go in every day to buy ONE ORANGE (or better yet one eggplant) and make lots of eye contact? Do I talk more? How do you turn small talk into a conversation into exchanging info?

2.5 I tried to set tinder to search for men and women and promptly got so terrified I temporarily deleted the app. Wow it’s almost like the ingrained social script of gender roles in romantic relationships is at once destructive and comforting and going against that is both amazing and disorienting.


3. Tea is great. Early grey is AMAZING. Why did no one tell me this flowery and intricate yet caffeinated tea existed. I’ve actually kicked my coffee habit! I recommend Stash for the casual yet discerning drinker (moi, obviously), and TeaLeaves (earl grey with lavender) for the discerning drinker with a wallet (not me, but one day please.) Hit me with your tea recs!

4. I can’t tell if the internet and technology are saving me socially by letting me stay in such close contact with my friends and family back home so I don’t feel as lonely in grad school or if it’s keeping all of us from really throwing ourselves into the social mix here. Either way, I’m doing surprisingly well for how much time I’ve spent alone - and being super super super busy this semester has been good for me.

5. Netflix is really confused about what language I want to watch shows in. (I always watch in the original language with English subtitles, and I’ve recently watched some French/German/Japanese shows.) So, at the top of the page where it runs previews, it’s showing a US series with German dubbing and English subs, a French series with English dubbing and French subs (what why), and a Japanese show just in Japanese. I just. Why.

I don’t want to take away from G R O U P D R I N K but if you want a less alcohol oriented OT I’m here!

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