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Some Insight Into my Teenage Mind

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Last night, in a narcissitic fit of googling myself, I discovered that my high school Xanga still exists. And then I stayed up until 1:30 reading through all the old posts, because priorities.


I was, as I'm sure we all were, an angsty little kid. And I can't believe some of the stuff I was willing to say publicly. But honestly, in the light of adulthood, a lot of my gripes about authority figures still hold true today. My complaints about my mom are stuff I still deal with with her, I still think it was inappropriate for my SAT tutor to discuss his wife's period with me, and I still think my band director was a raging asshole with no capacity for leadership.

One thing that really surprised me though was that I had one post where I talked about wanting to die. Not necessarily kill myself, but just that if I died, incidentally, it wouldn't really be a bad thing. I'm surprised that the post exists, because I don't really thing I was a particularly depressed teenager, and I had a pretty good time in high school, so I'm not sure what brought that on. But it also surprised that no one thought it was a good idea to tell someone about that. Guidance counselor, my parents? Pretty much all of my fellow theatre and marching band members followed me, I'm just pretty shocked that no one felt like that was worth mentioning to an authority figure.


For the curious:


Does anyone else want to share juicy entries from livejournals and myspaces and xangas past?

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