Senegal is very Muslim. Around 90% to be exact. Because of this, there are some differences to living in America:

Turkey bacon is pretty much the closest you're going to get to bacon with your eggs.

No talk about a War on Christmas here. It's quite refreshing to see Christmas decorations put out because the person wanted to be festive and not neccisarilly because they wanted to make a point.

Everything has to be scheduled around prayertime. Even mornings. That call to prayer is going to wake me up in the morning whether I like it or not.


If you don't really drink, you're in sober company!

Did I mention the call to prayer? It's loud... and at around five o' clock. Won't someone think of the heathens?


New holidays to get excited over like Eid/ Tabaski and Muhammad's birthday.

I can't wait to have my pork and pig-based products again, nonetheless.There are some things worth being sacreligious over.