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Some interesting technical info about Jezebel.com

I was hoping to find something like a WHOIS record or IP for Groupthink but since it's a subdomain there was no WHOIS record. But i was able to find some interesting things about the mainpage. All of this is legal, done using simple WHOIS searches and command line commands.

First off the IP address for jezebel.com is The server is an Apache and the domain registrar is Mark Monitors. What i found interesting is that the Admin listed in the WHOIS is Kinja Kft, and the address for the admin and the domain tech are both the same, and in Budapest, Hungary. I guess that's where Kinja's HQ is. I thought that was kind of interesting. The site uses 4 DNS servers, sdtarting with ns1.p19.dynect.net and just adding 1 to the number after ns, so 2, 3 and 4.

Lastly, i found something interesting about the date the domain was originally registered on. The WHOIS entry on GoDaddy.com shows it was created 3/27/2007. Case closed right? Not so fast...let's dig a little deeper


We find this site which has May 20, 1996 listed as an important date. Could that be the actual date that the domain was created? If we click on history we see there was a previous WHOIS record that was last modified 5/30/2007. The registrant is a company called DNStination, Inc. but the registrar is strill Mark Monitors. Since the creation date of the current entry is 3/27/07 and DNStination is still around, my guess is they bought the domain way back in 1996 and held onto it until someone wanted it and was willing to pay the money. There was a lot of that going on in the early days of the WWW, domain squatters they were called. It usually didn't make news until a celebrity wanted to make their website and found their name already owned and the owner wanting a big payout. So my guess is when Gawker created Jez in 2007 they had to purchase the domain. It's also possible it was running under different administration and Gawker purchased it from that other company. Since it's blocked from the wayback machine i can't tell. This site also has some interesting stats including pageviews and users. There are also some stats for the subdomains. It looks like Groupthink is leading followed by Kitchenette, ROY G IBV, and lastly Powder Room.

Anyway i'm sure most of you will be bored with all that. But since i do IT and i know we have a lot of smart techy people around here i thought it would be fun to share what i found.

EDIT: I realized after looking at the comments that there are perhaps some definitions i could have put in to make it easier to understand. The WHOIS is a public document for every domain name registered. That is where you can find info like who registered the name, where the admin is located and when it expires. If you're interested just google search for "whois" and you'll find a lot of different sites that offer that, usually they are registrar sites like Go Daddy, the registrant being the company or organization registering the domain.

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