Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was removing the cobwebs and spooky spiders from the door today, and uncovered a month-hidden treasure trove of deeply moving magnetic poetry (my door is like, metal coated? IDK it's weird, but also magnetic.)

Some of these were just too beautiful not to share. So without further ado, a selection of found poetic sentences for Monday.


I troublingly found these two near eachother: Monogamous Woe; and Marriage & Discontent

Nearby, a possible ode to me? I'd like to think so: Bitter girl won't trifle

Rounding out with some snippets of sexy multiculturalism:

Best Mexican Gay Bartender

Warm Vietnamese Friendship

Sensitive Latin Lover-man

and finishing off with the ominous

they almost like you.

This has been your Monday afternoon installment of magnetic-poetry slogans, all available for your band's name or next album title. Thanks go out to my divorced and cranky boyfriend, and also to Magnetic poetry's "coffee talk" themed magnets. You stay classy, Groupthink.


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