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Some more UGGGHHH for your hate-reading pleasure

Today's most hilarious troll award goes to this guy:


Some highlights include his claims that he understands abortion better than literally any women ever could because he has a lot of women in his life, his increasingly frantic shouts of "MY SISTER SLEEPS AROUND AND HAS A LOT OF ABORTIONS," and, my personal favorite: "Lol lol I get you feel that way.. But I'm really over here tripping out bc my reality is like FICTION to some people it's blowing my mind. Do y'all honestly think most woman have ZERO to 1 and half abortions or some shit? I mean NOOOBODY knows girls that sleep around ?? My sister is the ooonly chick that's sleeps with multiple guys?? Seriously ???"


According to some very quick googling, about 3/10 women have had an abortion by 45, so actually, it does sound like most "woman" have "ZERO to 1 and half abortions or some shit." I'm sorely tempted to ask him how a person goes about having 1 and half abortions, but I know better than to feed the troll. I just really needed to mock him from a distance.

ETA: I also love his implied logic that it's impossible to have multiple sex partners without having multiple abortions.

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