I want to carry on with my day as much as everyone else. I don't want to engage further in the bashing of anyone.

But I do want to be clear about something: the things that were said a month and a half ago do not exist in a bubble.

Shortly after that insanity, I apologized for going overboard, for lashing out and for crossing one too many lines. I chose to leave GT for about a week and a half to clear my head and come to my senses.


I obviously don't know a hell of a lot about what happened during that time, but when I came back the thread in general seemed calmer and more drama-free. At the very least, that particular issue had been put to bed.

We have the occasional flare-up now and then of criticism when it comes to mainpaged pieces, sure. But for my own part, the behavior in that thread does not represent what I as a commenter or GT as a forum is now, and I know that I โ€” at least โ€” regret what I said and did there.


So that's it. I thought a little context might be nice, considering everything that's being said today. And hopefully we can carry on from here.