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It would be really great if people would learn the difference between criminal offenses and civil offenses. It would ALSO be great if people could stop with the xenophobia long enough to realize that they are talking about actual human beings who have actual lives and actual thoughts and actual feelings. Have whatever opinion on immigration you like—I might argue it, but you are permitted to hold your own opinion—but I wish people would remember that their terminology and phrasing of their views matters. I've seen more sympathy and calls for understanding for hardened criminals than I see for people who lack documentation.

I guess I wish, as a US citizen, that *other* US citizens would realize the immense privilege they have. Even if it doesn't change their minds about immigration policy. I have never had people make assumptions about my citizenship due to my appearance. I've never had people imply I don't pay taxes or contribute meaningful to society. And I've escaped that sort of treatment just because of where I was born and who I was born to. It's through no actual merit of my own.


It's heartbreaking to see a young person, brought here as an infant, react to some of the vitriol directed their way over something that they had no control over. I can't imagine what years of hearing that message and internalizing it does to a person.

Again, have your political beliefs. Defend them in an animated fashion. But realize that you are talking about real people.

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