Got this in a message, time stamped 3am this morning:

"You know, Marcus Aurelius believed (according to his meditations) that our purpose on this planet, as ordained by the gods, was to help each other. A human being following the logos behind their own existence will take their attention beyond their own self-obsession, and place it squarely on the person they happen to be in contact with at that moment.

Only then are you truly in the present. Only then are you truly alive.

Anyway. . .I liked what you said. It definitely synched up with my own personal development over the past year or so. Learning that humility is only two letters away from humanity.

I don't want to ramble. . .so I'll just leave it at: I could definitely say more on the topic.

My name is Andrew.
I CAN describe myself as humble and open, yet confident. . .but that would only be a partial truth. I am a human being constantly reminded of the contradictions and inconsistencies inherent to his own nature.


I can tell you that Uptown is as colorful and ostentatious as it is shallow and capricious. It may not hold any appeal to you because you probably have an intuition which will not allow you to be taken in by empty spectacle. If there is nothing being said, why would you listen?"

His photos all involve him wearing a chicken suit, a fedora, knight's armor, or two out of the previous three.