Seriously, some people have not shame, and a lot of fucking nerve.

A little background: recently I went to dinner with RedLinePartner and his cousin - it was cousin's birthday. RedLinePartner and I are in our 40's, and Cousin is in his 20's. This is kind of a "we're mentoring you" situation. He's a great guy (with questionable taste in men, but that's another story), and RLP has an "older brother" relationship with him, which I think is great. What gay kid in his 20's wouldn't want an amazing, successful, well-adjusted older gay cousin/brother? I know I would have! Anyway, we go to dinner with him, and I end up arguing with him about Rich Juzwiak's Sam Smith story. I was in support of Rich's taking-to-task of Smith for his odd gay conservatism, and Cousin was of the opinion that Sam Smith has every right to his own opinion. Well, of course he does. And I have every right to criticize his (stupid) opinion. This ended when Cousin said that gay kids coming out in the 80's didn't have it any worse than gay kids coming out in the 00's. I was speechless. I can't even get into the absurdity of his argument. It just makes me so ragey I could kill a kitten (Not really!). In the 80's we had the AIDS epidemic, Anita Bryant, rampant gay-bashing, and absolutely no positive gay role-models. I just couldn't believe he was actually saying what he was saying. Does he really believe what he's saying, or is he just trying to be an asshole? I checked out, and haven't really talked to him since.

Cut to this evening. I get a text from him. Text is not sent to RedLinePartner, but just to me. He wants to know what I'm doing tomorrow. I text back "Not hanging out with you..." Snarky, I know. He then texts me back saying he needs to get a dresser from the suburbs tomorrow. Um, okay? Are you asking me to help with this? Hell no. HELL. NO.


Seriously, the nerve of some people...