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Some PPL Are Messy AF (Work-Related Tea)

I am currently reaching the tail-end of training for my new job (yay!!!), and for the most part, it is entertaining me, and I am learning tons of stuff. However, some of the actions of the people in my section, inside and outside the workplace, let me know there are some truly messy bitches out there in the world.

Primary example: apparently love (or more accurately, lust) has blossomed in my class. A guy and a gal started messing around about two weeks after class started. Problem: this dude is in the middle of his SECOND marriage, has a kid about to graduate high school, with, I think, another child on the way (not sure if the girl he knocked up is his current wife), and dude is only 36.

He and the classmate he’s humping were trying so, so hard, not to get CAUGHT, but, of course, somebody’s ass gon’ get found out when they shit where they eat. So now, a good 3/4 of the class know about ALL their business.


The kicker to this whole fiasco: the entire class basically hates both these people. The girl is one of those that needs to keep chiming in, even though every time she opens her mouth, she’s either wrong, or it sounds like she’s asking a question when she’s making a statement. People legit sigh when she starts talking. It’s kind of sad.

The dude is worse: most of the people in class think he’s an asshole, or a sociopath, or both. He’s already been inappropriate with several people (calling one “old,” trying to get another to hold his hand for some fucking reason, and mouthing to another repeatedly to “shut the fuck up”), and other’s literally want to slap him. It’s a legit mess.

One more month, and I will be free of this bullshit.

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