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Some Quick And Easy Pole Warm-Up Exercises!

Morning cool cats and kittens! So I love the warm-ups I do for pole dancing, and I emailed my instructor for the list of what we do. They're good for abs and stretching. I do them in the morning, to wake me up and feel accomplished. And empowered.

Anyone can do them. Also, if you have a yoga mat, that's great! Don't do them in Pajamas. Grab an old tee and workout/yoga/leggings/fabric shorts-you will need pants. Ok, pants optional. I guess, if that's your thing.


Ok, here we go!

Warm Up


1st set:

-8 count of crunches to the middle
-8 count of crunches to the middle lifting right foot
-8 count of crunches to the middle lifting left foot
-2 8 count obliques alternate lifting left and right foot opposite elbow to opposite knee
-8 count of feet straight up reaching towards toes
-8 count of open leg straddle reaching through back all the way down and then reach through legs
-8 count of hold at top of crunch reaching through straddle
-10 small pulses forward at the top
-8 count of holding
-10 small pulses forward at the top
-8 grabbing right leg towards chest left leg down towards floor pulse twice and switch (scissor motion) alternating legs keeping upper back lifted off the floor
-4 on each leg keep switching with arms behind ears elbows out to the side abs engaged upper back lifted off the floor
-4 on each leg same leg motion but twisting opposite elbow to opposite leg

Rest in cobra

Lower abs sitting up with feet in front of you bent legs hip width apart arms in front
-16 counts pulse back scooping pelvis
-16 counts leaning back a little further keep hands together and touch the ground switching from right to left (twisting)
-8 count keep going lift the right leg 8 count lift right leg higher to diagonal
-16 counts same thing on the left
-rest for 10 seconds
-20 counts lift both legs bent, arms reaching through your legs balancing on sits bone pulse knees towards your shoulders


-head rolls
-shoulder rolls
-pulling arm across
-pushing elbow down the middle of back behind head
-touching toes stay down bend knees repeat
-stretch in 2nd position bent knees
-straighten legs hand down in the middle
-stretch to the right stretch to the left
-lunge down to the left
-bring torso up and balance in lunge arms above head
-pulse back knee down 3x put knee down
-reach behind to grab back foot opposite hand to foot
-turn to front (left leg bent right leg straight) point and flex foot
-switch sides same thing
-repeat entire lunge series
-straddle stretch to right and left
-straddle stretch to middle.


Yes, there is some sexy thrown in. That's actually helping me through a few things. And it builds up confidence! Anyone can do this.

And you KNOW you are going to listen to The New Workout Plan! Kanye. When he wasn't cray. Ok, we all secretly love Kanye. And Anna Nicole-RIP honey angel (no sarcasm).

Gif it out! Kanye believes in you.

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