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Some Shit I figured out Kinja-wise and Some Questions

So the grays are back. WOO HOO!!

However, this brought to mind an important question: how do I know whether Jezebel or Gawker or Groupthink or anyone else is following me? Afterall, Sorcia very helpfully put up a post yesterday to make sure GTers were followed or re-followed by Groupthink. That seemed to imply we were all starting from scratch, but I wasn't sure.

1. Click on the settings button

2. Select "Account Settings" from the menu

3. Select "Followers"

4. Change the drop down menu setting from Groupthink or whatever else to your handle


5. Wait a second for it to load. At first it always says "not following anyone yet" for me

6. Scroll through to look for Jezebel etc.

Does this mean that all of us who were followed previously are in the black? While I'm personally glad, that's a bit unfair to those who wasted away in the grays previously. :( But I guess they can't start with it all gray?

Since we're working with a different iteration of Kinja than we had last time there were grays, are they worried about folks getting down to the gray? It takes forever for bottom comments to load with so much on the page. I hope that ends up working. :(

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