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I found some tools here. Concerned about privacy? Want 10 TB cloud storage?

Want to sign up for something, but concerned taht it could lend to having tons of spam mail dropped your way? Use 10 Minute mail. Or Maildrop.


When you go to 10 minute mail, the first thing you should see is the email address there-waiting for you. Yes, the email address will expire in 10 minutes unless you click on the link below which says "Give me 10 more minutes!"

That gives you 10 more minute with that email address. Unless you again click on that link again. You won't be able to use the mail address to send mail, but it can be used to receive it! :)

With Mail drop you don't get such a neat expiry date, but that dosen't mean that you can't use it. I prefer mail drop. Just click on the suggested email address, or make your own.

How to use the mail addresses:

Copy the email addresses to the registration form of the sites you wish to join up. BE warned that you shouldn't use these mail services for newsletters, etc. things that you might wish to keep receiving mail.


Now, How about a free phone address?

Sign up. I suggest you use a legit email or a fake facebook account. And you can text and receive texts at the mobile number they give you. Also, they require an area code for the phone number, so google a stae like "New York area code" and choose a code that pops up.


Here are a few more services for this.




I would only recommend this.

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