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Some things never change

When I was little, I was extremely shy. EXTREMELY. I hated talking to strangers. According to my mother, if someone started talking to me, I would lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep. I would do this in department stores, at her office, pretty much anywhere.

Last night after a family wedding, I found myself in a loud bar downtown with my husband, his parents, his cousins, and some family friends. I was sobering up. My second wind had already come and gone. I was exhausted. Everyone else was being loud and obnoxious. I wasn't involved in any of the conversations going on. So, at twenty-eight years old, what did I do?

I rested my chin in my hand, closed my eyes, and pretended to fall asleep.

Eventually, Mr. Peachy handed me some cash. I waited. And then, when the person sitting next to me got up to go the bathroom, I dashed out of the booth, and without saying anything to anyone, and ran out of that bar and into a cab home. Exactly like I would have if I were two.


Anyone else have any interesting exit strategies for unwanted social situations?

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