I realize this is likely to get me flamed, but I am tired of biting my tongue. Attack if you want, I'm not even going to respond. I just want to get this out.

1) I don't like Woody Allen or Mia Farrow. I don't think either of them are nice people and I'm not a fan of either of their work. You could not pay me to watch a Woody Allen film.

2) I don't think being a good feminist means that you have to automatically accept as true every allegation of sexual abuse by another woman. Avoid victim-blaming, yes, and rape culture bullshit. But you don't have to uncritically accept every person's word. I honestly don't know which side I believe here. I am not convinced he's guilty, but I'm not convinced he's innocent, either.

3) It bothers me that this matter is being battled in the press, where neither side has to abide by any rules that would penalize lying.

4) Between my husband and I, we have many years of domestic relations and custody cases, and it is absolutely a thing that parents can influence children to tell stories, to the point where the child believes what they are saying. Also, it is very common in a breakup or divorce for children to align themselves so strongly with one parent that they will do or say anything to help or protect them. We got one child back from a parental kidnapping who was so brainwashed that he set his mother's house on fire. We have had plenty of occasions where children tell each parent what they think they want to hear, and then tell the judge a particular story because one parent has convinced them he/she will stop loving them if they don't. Breakups can lead people to do some crazy shit. But you all know that.

5) It bothers me that such a long time passed between when this was disposed of in custody court and now. Mia Farrow has no lack of resources for pursuing legal recourse, though I don't know Connecticut law. We had a case where the father fought off molestation charges when the girls were children, but when the older child reached the age of 18, we filed a civil suit against him and won.


So that's why I'm not ready to pull out the torches and pitchforks for Woody Allen. I'm not ablaze with outrage because I don't feel I know what happened. And unless we can come up with something more reliable than competing attacks in the press, I'm just going be stuck here in the middle. I'm going to go get my asbestos raincoat.