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Some thoughts from the Good Bra Bandwagon

So, a family member has recently become of proponent of paying more money for bras that fit better, and is a devoted customer of one particular "intimates" store that does a really good job of fitting. While I was home this weekend, she insisted on taking me there for some new bras, and it was a pretty delightful time. I even got to feel slightly smug when it turned out I DID know my correct bra size!

Most of my bras, to this point, have been pretty cheap, and I tend to wear them well past their expiration date. But goddamn, if it doesn't feel much, much better to be wearing stuff that's new and well-made and actually fits correctly. When I switched back into the bra I had worn to the shop after I was finished trying stuff on, I was amazed I'd never noticed how crappy and unsupportive the bra had become.


It's ridiculous how bras, which are considered a necessity, are so expensive, though. Yet another hidden cost of being a woman, AKA adding insult to injury with regard to the wage gap. I mean granted, these were nicer bras than I'm used to, but it really got me thinking about how many things we just have to spend money on in order to be presentable.

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