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I'm in Paris right now, and it's been one doozy of a trip. I confess that I am experiencing some culture shock. It's all in the small things that make me realize that I am in a different country where I barely know the language.Thankfully, the people I have meet have not been too impatient, and there were a lot more who knew some English than I expected. I am traveling with my mother, and her age has been showing during our trip, which has made me really consider mobility and how lucky I am to have all my parts working fine.


For the past few days, I have been traveling, fighting jet lag, and getting lost. I admit that it's been a bit trying on my patience and my energy.Here are a few things to share:

  • Whoever said that food was expensive must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time and ordered the wrong meal on the menu.It's no cheaper than going to a restaurant in the states if you look around.
  • Never have I ever had jet lag kick my ass so hard.
  • Jet lag probably kicked my ass because I watched Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version) and then listened to every song on Disintegration(filed under "retro rewind" in the music selection. Let that sink in)before getting, like, three hours of sleep.Totally worth it.
  • Croque Monsieur needs to be a thing in the states because it's practically perfect in every way.
  • There is this cat that lives at the hotel I stay at. He/She(haven't checked) is old and fluffy and sweet.
  • Montemarte is kind of like the Brooklyn to downtown Paris's Manhattan. I went to The Louvre and was getting very Manhattan vibes, but with a French twist.I really preferred Montemarte, touristy as some sections can be.
  • Don' let anyone fool you. Even the worst croissant in Paris is better than a bad one elsewhere.Noms for days.
  • I was sitting in a small park looking out below on a hill while a guy played the hang (I had to google around for that name), and in that moment, I swore I was in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film (Amelie, preferably).
  • While the food is no more expensive than American food, all that money builds up.
  • Don't ask me about The Metro. It's complicated.
  • We woke up at six, and we didn't get to finishing breakfast until noon. I have no idea what went wrong.

And that's all for now! I'm about to (finally) go to bed.Have a wonderful day? Night? I'm still not convinced that my body has that figured out. Anyway, have a good one!

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