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Some thoughts on the “Millennial women not having kids” trend pieces

There are the obvious reasons of course. We’re struggling economically. We have student loan debt. Climate change. Nuclear war. Those are big, scary things. But since I’m TTC right now, and in the two week wait between ovulation and peeing on a stick, I’ve thought about something else:

How our fearmongering sex education classes probably scarred us psychologically about this. If I’m pregnant, I’m going to be nervous to tell people. It’s going to feel like I did something wrong even though I’m 33 and married!! I’m especially nervous to tell my mom for some reason, probably because I think I’ll get a lecture about how I should quit my job and how it’s ridiculous to think that my husband could be the stay at home parent. But in a broader sense, I was told in no uncertain terms when I was a teenager that getting pregnant would ruin my life. It’s hard to shake that training just because you’re older.

That’s not to mention the current social attitude that pregnant women’s bodies are public property, from stalrangers telling you what you should and shouldn’t do to feeling like they can just touch you. The current anti choice climate can’t be helping millennial women feel good about getting pregnant.


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