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Some wise GTers once told me...

[10:24] [Pyrax] I bought this BRIGHT red lipstick that I love, and I know red lipstick can be pulled off in casual situations but idk how
[10:25] [kcunning] Pyrax: There are no situations where red lipstick is inappropriate.
[10:26] [quash] the way you wear it in casual situations is: wear it
So I did!

Here's a gif to keep my face off of the main page:


I was really happy with how it turned out! Now I want some different colors so I can experiment, since I only have two right now.

Success!! I did wear it with jeans to hopefully make it a bit less dressy because I'm still kind of worried about that but I think someday I'll be ready to step it up to my normal skirts/dresses.

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