I need to vent about my martial arts teacher. I've started writing this twice and deleted it each time, but I decided that's not really going to help the situation.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I've started learning mixed martial arts. What I didn't really say was how much a thorn in my side my teacher is — my teacher who is also my landlord and roommate.

The thing about me is that I'm still unemployed and living off my savings. In other words, I have to be extremely careful with my money, and that includes trying to eat as many meals at home as possible. As such, I don't usually leave the apartment, if I leave at all, until after I've eaten lunch, so about 1 p.m. The first week I was here, my teacher-landlord teased me about being a homebody, but at that point I didn't go anywhere because I didn't really know where anything was. I know where more things are now, but I still stay home a lot because of the aforementioned need to be frugal.

Unfortunately, my teacher-landlord still teases me about staying home, and it really bugs me because yes, I would much rather be at a job or doing something fun out in the city, but that is not really an option right now. He just has no idea. He also gives me shit about leaving the air conditioner on all of the time, which is not true. My utilities are included in the rent, and as such, I try to be respectful about my energy usage. It does get hot up here because it's a very old building, and I live on the second floor, but I do my best to just stick it out until the heat is unbearable. He has no idea about that either.


I would write his comments off as fairly harmless, but then there are things he says during class that make me scratch my head or just downright infuriate me. ...

— Last night he casually referenced Adrian Peterson when one of the kids was acting naughty (there are some pre-teen kids in class), as in he said he would get his switch out like that one football player if the kid in question didn't shape up.


— There are two boys and two girls who usually show up to class, and my teacher has repeatedly tried to shame the boys by asking them how they feel about the girls doing better than them (the two girls in class really are baller, the boys not so much). Note: I don't agree with this method of motivation because it reinforces the idea that men always have to be stronger than women.

— My girlfriend is much more advanced than I am, and so she gets to practice boxing or whatever with the teacher. I get really worried for her, and sometimes in class I'll stop to ask if she's okay or if she needs water, and my teacher has given me a lot of crap about that. Making sure your significant other is alright seems normal to me, and it really upsets me when he comments on it.


— This isn't quite class related, but he thinks it's okay to film homeless people without their consent. There are a lot of homeless people around here, and one time I mentioned to him that I noticed a not-quite-all-there-appearing man was lurking close to the building, and my teacher-landlord said I should film the guy and put it on Youtube. I'm not making this up.

— As I said, my girlfriend is much more advanced, and she is pretty much our teacher's favorite student. I know this because he says this loudly and often in class. I know this one is more on me than on him, but that really gets to me because I already struggle with how I'm unemployed and my girlfriend has a nice job with all of the perks, and it's frustrating that there is just one more area in which she is doing much better than me. At any rate, my teacher never really has anything nice to say about anyone else in class because of course.


And I haven't even been in class and/or San Jose for two months. What a drag.