Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi Jezzies!

I have gotten myself (emphasis on this being my own doing) into a bit of a situation and I need to leave my apartment immediately. (Basically, my ex and I broke up 1.5 weeks ago, and things are escalating. We fight throughout the night. I have lost 10 pounds in this time from stress—and I didn't weigh much to begin with—and sleep maybe 3 hours a night. It's getting physical on both sides.) In order to move, I need about $3k that I do not have. I have no idea how to raise this, as my family is poor and I don't have anything to really sell (I have some designer clothes but consigning that will barely make a dent).


My friend thinks that I should fund a kick starter but I am irrationally afraid that he will see it (sidenote: glad Jezebel is anonymous!).

Any ideas would be amazing.

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