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Someone explain "Trump for four years is better then Hillary for eight"

We were watching MSNBC and right after Bernie’s speech they went to a reporter on the street.

He was interviewing Bernie supporters who were marching against Hillary and the DNC and for Bernie Sanders. . He interviewed a woman (circa late 20s) she said that Hillary is a Republican and it would be better to have Trump for four years and block what he wants then Hillary for eight.


. Trump still can shape a lot of foreign policy on his own, sign executive orders and its a total gamble that the democrats will retake the Senate this year then hold it in 2018. Also Hillary is NOT a republican and has been supporting democratic causes for most of her life. Does she at times swing centrist especially on foreign policy yes. Most of the party has been centrist on foreign policy since well forever or from at least Roosevelt to today.

Is there a valid argument this woman is making? If so explain. I do not see it. It comes as borderline ignorant about reality. I could be wrong. Yet I so believe I am right. My mother could not believe what she heard and thought she was an idiot

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