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Welcome To The Bitchery

Someone has an enemy

I feel so badly for someone who lives in my apartment complex. Someone has it out for them, big time. First it was the window of their car getting broken. Terrible, but it could have just been random vandals, right? Well, earlier this week I look out the window and see KKK spray painted on every. panel. of. the. car. Oh no! So hateful! This morning I look out the window and the vandal has come back to completely block all the car windows with more spray paint. Someone has some serious beef.

I feel like sitting up with a webcam and coffee and catching this fucker. There are cameras in the lot, either they don't really work or the asshole is smart enough to be obscuring his face. I want to help this person. Any pointers for getting the spray paint off? Some of the painters that Mr. Misfit works with suggested oven cleaner.


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