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someone! please! explain! to me! So very inane

Someone, please explain to me why there isn’t a restaurant near me that delivers pie or cake at night to my home? Or chocolate? I would settle for some nice chocolate.


In other news of entitled, ridiculous, lower middle class, American people wanting chocolate (but not chocolate from the United States, because, not good enough), I’m going to go get chocolate tomorrow, and I’m going to eat all of it. By myself.



And I’m going to take a photo of it, too, before I eat it, and post it here. Then, someone can run a post about how they hate inane stuff and where did all the good posters go. Fine. I’ll have my chocolate.

I’m going to take my exclamation points and my chocolate dreams and try to relax now, even thought I still have the letter I have to write and this whole, ridiculous project to print off.

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