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Welcome To The Bitchery

that for my own blood pressure, I need to stop reading primary/election news on Gawker and participating in the comments.

The weirdest fucking thing, is that I voted for Bernie, and I am constantly up in there defending Hillary (or really, defending non-Bernie) in the comments because people are so (willfully?) misinformed about her. I know she’s got some major flaws which is why I ultimately gravitated toward Bernie, but like, use some ammo that is actually real instead of just vomiting words you heard while you nurture your rage boner. Also weird to read people who can’t do math act like any moment now Bernie is going to clinch this nomination and the evil media is not reporting correctly. It’s mathematically possible, but only like, after a series of major upsets and hail marys. Like, many media outlets are doing math with superdelegates which is inherently bad reporting. But even without the superdelegates...this election is not like, um, close.

There are so many valid, valid reasons to not want to vote for Hillary. Why are we spreading lies, assholes?


It’s like going to a Breitbart comments section to talk about Obama.

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