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Someone Should Have Warned Me Being A Videogame Commish Was Tough

I have been since Thanksgiving the head of my mobile football Madden league which I took over when appointed Commish. We went down to six people all of whom left during next few weeks. I built it to 32 players now we are down to 23.

Here is the thing. I have now two administrators. One is pushing me to eliminate members? Why? They do play the game but never league games which is important. I have come to the conclusion it’s to get the free item each day. My instincts tell me to eliminate them. Four play every day and I do agree we are not going up the ranks because of this. 


Also one of my admins wants to go back to college, he is early twenties and says he is in AA. He has been with me the longest but says thing that I have wtf moments of thought. While discussing about eliminating folks he called himself “just a Wigga”. I had no idea what it meant so asked. He explained I had no idea what to say except I just thanked him for teaching me a new word. I looked it up after. It’s about appropriating African American culture like hip hop.

Now only four people playing league games and in last month three of us using chat I am positive folks will not care. Yet I do. If he was part of groupthink I would say something.


Should I ignore it which means tolerating it or consider the struggles he has and let it go? He often mentions his drinking struggles, which is heartbreaking to read considering his being in early 20s. I firmly believe there are more issues he is struggling with. 

I thought being commish we would just talk about the game and play period.

What would you do? First issue I am leaning more and more in booting members who still play the game but not league events. Second issue? Anyone heard of this term? 

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