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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Someone tell me what to feel.

I am having trouble with my best friend being really flaky - so flaky that I sometimes feel like she's not a good person to have in my life. Anyway, she and I are both friends with a guy I used to date, and he's going through a rough time. I'm closer with him. She secretly sort of hates him, complains about how annoying he is. The last time she saw him in public, she purposely ignored him, even after he said hello. Yet, she's really going above and beyond to be there for him right now because he needs support. She doesn't make that same effort for me when I need it, even though I know she'd still call me one of her best friends.

I know that this behavior isn't targeted at me, and that my energies should be focused on being there for my friend. However, I find it deeply hurtful and feel like I'm not worth her efforts to be a good friend, yet this person she doesn't even like all that much is.


Somebody tell me how to feel and how to stop focusing on the negative.

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