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Someone wasn't watching their kid and now a gorilla is dead

So this kid got through a fence, crawled through some bushes, got through the wiring, and then fell into a gorilla enclosure. Three gorillas total in the enclosure - the two females were called by zookeepers to indoor areas, and they came. The male, Harambe, did not listen. He’d only been at the zoo for a year, so I am wondering if he hadn’t built the relationship up with the keepers yet.

Harambe carried the kid around, dragged him around, and held the kid, too. The zoo decided the only way to ensure the boy’s safety was to shoot the gorilla. The boy has been hospitalized and has non-life threatening injuries following this.


In the Cincinnati News article linked to in HuffPo’s piece, they say that in the 38-yr history of the gorilla enclosure no one has ever fallen in. A woman they interviewed said she saw the little boy after he had gotten through the fence and tried to grab at him and missed. It wasn’t her kid or anything, just that she noticed it and was unable to stop him at that point.

I understand that they were worried about tranqs taking too long to be effective, but according to the zoo director, “the boy was never under attack, but that his safety was at risk.” (from the linked fox19 article). I’m just disgusted they couldn’t have used a tranq and then if the situation worsened shoot the gorilla.

They are incredibly intelligent animals and if Harambe intended to hurt the little boy he would be dead now. Lowland male gorillas can weigh like 400 lbs and are very strong.

While I am glad the boy is okay, this situation just pisses me off.

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