I read the comments and

A) I knew many nuns who while being a nun got a free education. But they did work for it via teaching, admin etc. The education always Masters and or Doctorates were paid for instead of salary. Heck in college nuns could take any course they wanted or sit in classes. Retired nuns literally had the run of the school going from class to class. One time a teacher in night school (the school had a night school where they taught aimed at nontrads working on their degrees) got in trouble for what he said to a retired who went to sit in his class.

B) This article still rubs me the wrong way. I see peoples points. Maybe it is all legit. My mother’s comment still rings in my ear from what she said tonight. That “she gets her debt paid, joins the convent for a month or two, then leaves debt free”. Yes cynical but when it comes to money I am not sure if cynicism, healthy portion, is that bad. Is it not better to be cynical and be proven wrong then trusting and part with your money to a scam?

C) Also debt free of 12k in two years. Maybe in real world its not possible.


My mother showed me an article in the local newspaper and its about this woman who lives in NJ and wants to join a convent. The convent said she has to be debt free since she will earn no salary nor stipend. Both of these makes sense.


Well the woman created a Go Fund Me page to wipe out her debt and join the convent. My mother’s response “clever way to pay off one’s debt, she will be gone in a month. Its a scam”.

At first I disagreed. Now thinking about it there is something wrong. I went to school from 1st through college in Catholic schools, same as my mother. I cannot picture any nun or brother saying this is a good idea. I picture them tsking and saying “the debt is hers to shoulder not asking people to pay it for her unless its a dire situation then you pay it all back when able”. Ok this picture dates to the 70s and 80s preinternet as we know it. But the concept would not change.


Also why didn’t she refund the 10k extra back to the donors, split the money between them. I do not quite know how this webpage works. Maybe you cannot.


Oh God I am becoming as cynical as my mother.

I believe she should have worked off the student debt then joined the convent. The way she did seems too rushed. The convent would still be there in a year or two.


Or am I alone in my thinking.

There are good reasons for Go Fund Me. This one rubs me the wrong way. Actually I am surprised the convent took her in with what she did. I picture one nun a grade school principal saying “pay off your debt yourself, it will be good for learning personal responsibility, our doors will be open when your debt is paid”.