It seems lately that so many of the posts are about upsetting things. So, I just wanted to post something to make you go "AWWWWWW" and smile because I think we all need it sometimes. My work takes me all over the countryside, and once in a while I get to see some pretty neat stuff. Today I was walking through a hayfield and from about 4 feet away I saw this:

I literally almost stepped on the little thing before I saw it. Here is a close up:

It is hard to appreciate how small this fawn was, I was carrying my clipboard and it could have curled up on my clipboard with room to spare. It could only have been a few days old. SO CUTE! I have never seen anything like that close up in all my life. I feel so lucky! The little cutie was sleeping as I parted the grass above it and all it did was give me a little side eye for waking it up. I took my picture and continued on my way.