Evidently my justice boyfriend Rod is going to announce the DOJ is charging 12 Russians today.

You go Rod.....Git em! I think this is going to cost Don his “exceeds expectations” score on his evaluation. The timing of this seems particularly appropriate after yesterday’s circus with the GOP members in congress denying the validity of the Mueller investigation.

This includes DC Leaks and Gucifer 2.0. Let’s hope Roger Stone is next.

Adding a link to the actual indictments. I wanna know more about the unnamed US candidate.


Ken Dilanian at NBC commenting that the very day that Trump made his “Russia if you’re listening.....find those 30,000 emails” and that is the exact day these hackers went after the DNC.

Mark Warner of the Senate Intel committee about to give a press conference—this may be the “something big” he accidentally let slip a couple of weeks ago.


Per Rosenstein—Trump knew about this before his trip. I think now we know the reason for that interview yesterday throwing May under the bus—-was he trying to distract from this? Didn’t work.