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So, Mr. Toad gave me a $25 gift card to Sephora for Vday. It's lovely and I'm so excited, but as those of you who are familiar with the endless black hole that is Sephora know, also kind of a curse.

You see, $25 will get you exactly ONE thing (or offset the cost of exactly ONE thing). Which, for indecisive makeup addict peeps like me, is TORTURE.

So, give me your absolute favorite product recs!! I'm looking for:

Lips - I like bright or deep matte or satin colors. My lips are generally kind of dehydrated so moisturizing is good, but longwearing is more/equally important. I don't like sticky.


Highlighters/Blushes - I am constantly trying to look "glowy." I have a Benefit Watt's Up highlighter and an ELF shimmering facial whip but I'm always looking for new things and I still don't have a good blush. I'm very fair with reddish/brownish/purplish hair and freckles.

Eyes - my eyes are my best feature so I'm always trying to emphasize them. I have hazely eyes that lean more towards green.

Give me your favorites GT!!! Or else I will be supremely boring and just put it toward my Smashbox BB cream.

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