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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Something I wrote was published somewhere

I submitted an article to an online magazine. They were interested in it, so I filled out their editorial guidelines for heading, subtitle, keywords, etc., and sent them a photo to go with it. I never heard back. I followed up once, but then I got busy with life and assumed they didn’t publish it. I also wasn’t reading their site all that often.

I also have a blog, and was writing something about this article on there (a tangentially related text conversation with a friend that was humorous and I wanted to put on my blog). I went to link my blog to the site and I found that they HAD published my article! Back in July. I had no idea.


I really don’t want to read the comments. But I read a few. The commenters had good points about why I did certain things the way I did. I was in college and it was a learning experience. I’m not going to jump on there now and answer every question, because it’s been so long, but sheesh. What a weird way to find out your article was published.

For those who are published authors, do you read what commenters say about you? Is it weird?

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