Something interesting that may be lots of fun for any of our DFW GT’ers who happen to be near the Charles A. Gill Elementary School:

“The licensed program partnership with AIGA DFW is the first of its kind, and will add Charles A. Gill Elementary School in Dallas to the roster of Art Buddies schools, serving another 30 children this spring.”

Art Buddies is a mentorship program that pairs kids from disadvantaged homes/situations with mentors who have “unconventional” or non-traditional jobs (most often in artistic fields like architecture, illustration, design, etc.. but they also took me as a mentor for many sessions, and I was in sewing/cutting/purchasing & inventory control!) as part of an after-school program that lasts a few weeks.

The idea is to expose children to the possibility that there are ALL SORTS of fun & interesting jobs out there for them to be when they grow up... they don’t just have to be the things they “know about” like Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Retail Workers, Police & Firefighters (not that there’s ANY THING wrong with those careers!! It’s just that kids KNOW about them, they DON’T necessarily know there are different sorts of “creative” careers out there too!)

Basically, it’s about exposing them to possibilities outside what they’d get/see in their “everyday lives.”


You pair with a child, and then the two of you work together with the Child as the “team leader” to create a costume around a theme (no sewing skills are required! If you can cut tape, or squeeze a hot-glued gun, you’ll do fine!).

The theme is usually something like “Rulers”, “Leaders”, “Careers”, etc., and the costumes can be as fancy or plain as the child desires (I’ve seen kids be everything from, “The Queen of the Butterflies,” The Queen of Africa,” The King of Racecar Drivers,” and “The king of Dinossurs,” to “an Ipod”)... they really vary & have fun with their themes.


If any of y’all are in the DFW metro area, and are interested in a really fun relatively short-term Volunteering gig, it might be worth a shot!

The Minneapolis one has been a BLAST to be a part of the sessions when I’ve done it! We spend a few weeks after school making the costumes, then on the last day, we go on a “parade” through the school (the last day always starts a little earlier than the other days!), and then you have your picture taken (together) by a professional photographer. It’s fun, and you’re doing good stuff!😉


Here’s the link on the initial DFW info:…

And here’s the link to the MSP Art Buddies website:

*And for anyone in the MSP area—they are ALWAYS looking for more Adult Buddies up here too!! If you’re interested, the registration for the next session is open through the beginning of March, and they always run a session in the Spring and the Fall if you’re interested, but can’t do THIS spring! (Here’s the sign up link!):


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