So yesterday, when I came home from work, it looked like something had been digging around one of my strawberry plants, as it was partially out of the soil. I mounded some more soil around it.

This morning when I left for work, the same plant had had it's top entirely detached from it's bottom. And the bottom of the plant appeared to be missing.

This afternoon when I came home, a second plant had damage to the centre of the plant, with a number of stalks having been partially chewed. The flower stalk is badly damaged.

My third plant also seemed to have some minor damage.

They're in a big container, so the only thing I can figure is that it might be squirrels. I put some cayenne pepper all around the surviving plants.


The squirrels are quite active in my containers. I think they think there are nuts in there, because I pulled a black walnut seedling out of one of my containers a couple of days ago and they keep digging around in that container.

Anybody have any other ideas for keeping squirrels away?