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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't talk much about my job, but when I'm not working from home, I work in an office in a cube farm with a lot of people I really dislike. Actively dislike. They're assholes, and I hate going to work. Think The Plastics...I work with Regina George. There are some people who are perfectly lovely, but the other people are so mean and miserable that I HATE going in.

I LOVE my boss. She's awesome and she kind of saved my life last year. She has three sons who are young men...late teens/early 20s. They're all such nice guys. Before I got sick last year, I was working on a project for a corporate leadership program, and the day before presenting, my group ran through our information and everything in my head just decided to leave, and I burst out crying in the conference room. I got myself together and went back to my desk, but it was clear that I'd been upset. That's when I met my boss' youngest son. In the lunch area at work.

When she came back to the department, she said that her son said "Mom, that girl seems so nice. Would it have been inappropriate to give her a hug?" to which she said "she's too old for you." But she gave me a hug from her son, which made me cry again. When I was in the hospital for the second time that month, he came to visit me with her, and stops over to say hi from time to time.


This was my first full week back in the office, and my workload was light for the week as a result of last week's holiday. We had bad weather, and most people took today off, so we just worked on projects and had meetings, and are working on efficiencies. As I was coming back from lunch, my boss was getting her stuff together to leave the building and I asked if she was going to Starbucks. She said she would, and that she'd bring me back a drink (DID I MENTION SHE'S AWESOME?). I was at a coworker's desk putting together some shit when the receptionist came looking for me and asked me to pop out with her. I was like WTF thinking some phone call didn't get routed to me, and turns out, it was my boss' son WITH COFFEE AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES. WHAT A SWEETHEART.

He said "I know it's your first week back and I wanted to get you a welcome back present," and I seriously have been smiling since. Such a nice kid. Young man. Whatever! Everyone is teasing me because he "clearly" has a crush, but I don't think he necessarily does. I think he's just very sensitive and we spent a long time talking about bullying when he visited me in the hospital. So when I think "ugh, fuck everyone," I'm going to try to remember my boss' son. As long as there are people like him, we'll be okay.

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