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Something troubles me about this article

Its written by a mother of an 8 year old boy. I read it in the newspaper yesterday and found the article online just now. She is complaining how schools want him to stay still, sit at his desk and behave. Yes I too went to school in the "sit down, shut up, learn and talk when asked" to although nuns never said shut up.

I am disturbed by the fact she singles out boys as being active not girls. Then she concludes saying that this is the reason girls do better in school then boys do.


I am troubled by that. It implies a) sitting down and being still is more natural to girls his age and throughout precollege and b) its this mindset that openning up schools to coed is the problem with boys failing. Both is squirelly in thinking. I read an article years ago (90s) saying that when we openned up schools to be coed teachers feminized the school environment at the detriment to the boys. Which is such bs. This article reminds me of that.

Thoughts? art

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