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Something Very Odd Happened

Warning: kinda long.

My sister has an 11 year old daughter and became good friends with one of her daughters friends moms. So they do stuff together with the kids pretty often. On Tuesday they went to an amusement park and I tagged along. It was them, their kids and their husbands and then me. Well, you might recall that Tuesday was HOT AS FUCK here in New England, so we all made our way to the water park portion of the park to cool off. And this is the first weird part of my story...

I'm standing in the water talking to my sister when all of a sudden someone comes up behind me and puts a hand on each of my boobs. I'm thinking "Am I seriously being sexually assaulted by a stranger in front of dozens of people right now!? WHAT THE FUCK!". And then I hear my sisters friend laughing behind me. My sisters 40-something year old friend felt me up...in public...for shits and giggles. I kind of laughed it off because I really didn't want to make a scene and I was mostly just really fucking relieved that it wasn't some random dude. I should also note that this woman is just really kinda zany and not great with boundaries (obviously). So I took it on the chin and moved on, thinking that that's just the type of shit she does for a laugh. Which, btw, does NOT making it okay. I know that. But it didn't bother me enough to make a big deal out of it.


Towards the end of the day this friend starts practically begging me to hang out with her at my sisters house and have drinks. She's expressed that she wants to hang out with me on many other occasions so I finally obliged and we made plans for cocktails on my sisters deck on Thursday.

Things started out normal enough until she whips out her iPad and begins showing us bestiality porn. First she shows us a video of a woman getting fucked by a labrador. Then she tries to show us a video of a woman getting fucked by a horse. That's when I put the kibosh on the whole thing and told her we were all set with that shit. I made a joke about how quickly she was able to find those videos and her response was "Oh, well I don't look at this stuff THAT often". Um...I look at that stuff NEVER.

Then she starts telling us these stories that basically paint a picture of her and her husband being swingers. Okay, whatever. If that's what floats your boat then good for you. But she was giving us awkward details that neither me or my sister cared to hear about. And then she said something like, "Oh I told my husband that Ravenzmane would be here tonight and he said he'd be right over!!! Haha!" She also kept making comments about how "gorgeous" I am.

My sister is thoroughly convinced that this couple is interested in having some sort of three-way with me. I'm not terribly sure about that. But I do know that I am 150% not comfortable being around either of them at this point. To be honest, the bestiality shit blows my mind the most. Why would she do that?! What the hell!?


I just had to share this weird story because it's too crazy not to tell.

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