Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The talk about the soda tax, reminds me how much I love Diet Coke, even though I 100% know it's bad for me. Geekboy is a smoker, yes he does know smoking is bad for him, I know smoking is bad for him (okay and maybe I have a cigarette with him every once in awhile, shut up you're not my mom).

I'm not going to make him quit smoking: 1.) He's a damn adult 2.) He has to want to quit smoking 3.) When he does, we have to factor in his anti-depressants when choosing a solution 4). He'd want me to add every time he goes to the doctor the doctor tells him his lungs look great. I think Geekboy is hoping he's one of those people that can smoke decades without issue, they're rare but exist.


Also I'm sorry but a nice fountain soda really hits the spot, even though it's practically poison. Soda & Smoking that's the Geekcouples. What's yours?

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