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Sometimes a good thing lands in your lap.

I sold my car! Thanks for all the Craigslist advice, GT!

I asked for $3800, but was willing to go down to $3000. The guy counter-offered at $3100, so I took it. I had the car on CL for less than 24 hours, so this is a win in my book.

Now, I had a citibank credit card with a $2000 balance on it. I wanted the car money to pay it off, so now I am CC free. As I was on the phone with customer service, closing the account, the rep reminded me that this was a rewards account and I could use the rewards for up to 6 months after closing the account. How nice of them. Well, really, good thing I forgot about the rewards...


I had enough rewards to get 2 Sephora gift cards for $100 each. This is really exciting! I just had to share my makeup excitement. I contemplated getting Macy's or Gap gift cards, but really, $200 at Sephora sounds totally fun and slightly impractical. I need some fun.

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